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January 26
Dinner with Ambassador Mark Gitenstein in Bucharest at the Ambassador's residence
January 31
Meeting of Harvard Club of Romania & Moldova held at the offices of AmCham in Bucharest
February 2
Discusssion with ADEPT in Sasschiz (Transylvania) about links to Dartmouth College rural tourism travel - and especvially mountain biking.
February 15
Meeting with Dartmouth College "Outing Club" students in Hanover, N.H., re. links with ADEPT.
February 24

Special mtg of the Romanian and Moldovan students at Harvard University, Taubman Hall (Kennedy School of Government).
May 16
Meeting with
HRH The Prince of Wales in Archita Village, Transylvania as Trustee of the Asociatia Maria Nobrega to visit the [;anned Romanian center of the UNESCO Traditional Knowledge World Bank
June 3
Showing of
Knights of the Sky at the Romanian Embassy, Washington, D.C.

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