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January 11
Meeting with Ambassador Adrian Vierita in Washington, DC. at Cosmos Club / postponed
January 12
Visit to U.S. Air Force (Pentagon) offices to plan for Col Barrie Davis visit to Romania re filming of "Reign"
January 23-25
Hosting of meeting between Col. Barrie Davis and Gnrl. Ion Dobran, both WW-II fighterpilot 'Aces' who attacked one-another over Romania, in Bucharest at Aviation Museum (see)
February 6
Showing of Hill 789 (WW-I documentary) in Concord, Mass.
February 27
Premiere of the film "HANDHELD" (Boston) by Don Hahn about Mike Carroll's orphan relief efforts in Romania.
March 13
Visit to the Universirty Fair in Bucharest
March 13
Visit to the INOCENTI Program for Children at the Ruisescu Hospital in Bucharest
April 13 and 14
Presentation by Aviad Meitar author of "An Unimaginable Journey" at the Harvard Business School and at Boston University Business School
April 14
Discussion with student at the Harvard Business School about creating a 'case-study' related to Romania
April 16
Meeting with Ambassador Vierita (Washington, D.C.) to discuss possible projects for 2010.
April 24
Panel discussion at Romanian Film Festival - Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
May 16-17
Travel to Galateni with Ret. Col. Glenn Watson (Delaware) and colleagues to identify site of B-24 crash in 1944.
May 19
Meeting with General Stanciu (Chief of Romanian Air Force Staff) and staff members to discuss Aviation Museum project
May 20-22
Initiation of restoration work in Archita/Arkeden and 'one-cow-per-family' program by the Asociatia Maria Nobrega - and preliminary discussion with Heifer International about village herds in Romania
Nov 26
Interview taping at TVR: Ambassador Mark Gitenstein and Nicholas Dimancescu
Nov 26
Annual Conference - Bucharest
Nov 27
Hospice Romania
Fund Raiser - Athenee Palace (Hilton) - Bucharest
Nov 28
Asociata Maria Nobrega
meeting in Archita, Transylvania
Nov 30
Meeting to discuss investor interest in windpower invention in Bucharest
Dec 1
Premiere of Knights of the Sky - TVR1 - Bucharest

National Day - Info

Aviation Museum / Jan 23rd mtg between 'aces' Gnrl Dobran and Col Davis with Amb. and Mrs. Gitenstein and General Stanciu (ROAF). Rt: At Pentagon Jan 10
HANDHELD Premiere at WGBH-Hall with a 400-person attendance - and with INOCENTI staff at the Rusescu Hospital (Bucharest) more
Left: Looking over Vuia aircraft model on loan from Fundatia Culturala Bartoc at the Romanian Embassy with Ovidiu-Adrian Tudorache / Background

Restoration work in Archita/Arkeden (Transylvania) and 'one-cow-per-family' program begins with support from Asociatia Maria Nobrega (see)
Copyright © D. Dimancescu, Cambridge, MA.
Left: Site visit to B-24 crash (1944) in Galateni with Ret Col GlennWatson and colleagues
Left: With Mayor Florin Carciumaru (Targiu Jiu) and Tom Blinkhorn, ex-Director of the World bank (Romania)