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Jan 1, 2007
Romanian Entry into the European Union
Jan 5, 2007
Meeting of R&D Avisory Group with Honorary Consul of Bulgaria, Boston
Jan 8, 2007
Presentation to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company (America's oldest military unit founded in 1638) re visit to Romania in October 2007
Jan 13, 2007
Readings of Mihai Eminescu at Harvard Divinity School; sponsored by Boston Theological Institute; for details call 617 527-4880.
Jan 19, 2007
Consul's dinner for Dr. Charles Nelson (Harvard Med'l School and Children's Hospital) founder of Institute of Child Development (Bucharest)
Jan 31, 2007
Romania-EU Event w. UN Ambassador Mihnea Motoc 12:30 pm Cabot Hall, Fletcher School, Tufts University (Medford)
Jan 31, 2007
The film Filantropica showing at 7:00 pm Cabot Hall, Fletcher School, Tufts University (Medford)
Feb 17, 2007
Princess Ileana Commemoration at Princeton University see
Feb 18-22, 2007
Winners of ICube 2006 competition visit Boston/Cambridge
Mar 5-18, 2007
Student team from Lawrence Academy visit Romania and Mihai Viteazul NC (Bucharest)
Mar 22-24
Indiana University Conference "The Hour of Romania" see
Apr 13, 2007
Princeton University (4pm and 7 pm) discussion and documentaries at special show
Apr 15, 2007
HnryCnsl SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (5 pm) dinner & documentaries
Apr 15, 2007 (Sunday)
MIT (8 pm - Rm 4231 Bldg4 (Main Entrance from Mass Ave) Universitatii Film by Sorin Iliesiu - Events of 1990 documentaries at special evening show (t.b.c.)
Apr 16, 2007
Harvard University (7 pm Dudley House - Harvard Yard) evening presentation by Sorin Iliesiu on 'Communist Criminality Appeal'
Apr 27, 2007 - 4 pm
Ex-Minister of Justice Monica Macovei
at Kennedy School of Government (Harvard) - Kokkalis Program video of event
May 5, 2007
Model United Nations (link)- at Bucharest Law School Guest Presentation by D. Dimancescu on 'Cultural Identity''
May 10, 2007
Bulgaria-EU - Visit of Ambassadors of Bulgaria and US Ambassador to Bulgaria (see photo) for meeting with Governor, business receptions and presentations at Harvard
May 11, 2007
Wellesley College - presentation of Ethnographic Atlas of Romania (Vol 1 & 2) to Anthropology Dept.
May 11, 2007
Boston University Romanian Students Association (BURSA) - meeting with founding members Raluca Dan, Diana Deju, Diana Amariei, Ioana Lupascu
May 19, 2007
Presidential Referendum Voting for Romanian citizens at MIT
June 4, 2007
Dinner with Mrs. D. Gitman (Charge d'Affaires Ro-Emb) at Cosmos Club (Wash, DC)
Aug 14, 2007
ICube 2007 Innovation Competition Advisors in Bucharest
Sept 10, 2007
Attenting The Cyrene Declaration On Sustainable Development by Saif Quaddafi in Libya with UNESCO participation
Sept 13, 2007
Fund-raiser in Watertown, Ma, for the Marie Curie Hospital Bucharest Innovation Competition Advisors in Bucharest
Sept 14, 2007
ICube Advisors Meeting in Concord
Sept 23-25, 2007
INTBAU Conference on "History, Heritage and Regeneration" in Sibiu/Hermannstadt (Cultural capital of Europe 2007)
Sept 27-28, 2007
ICube Innovation Competition Finals at the Polytech Univ Bucharest (see)
Oct 5-19, 2007
Stavropoleos Choir and Dragos Lumpan photo show "The Monastic Life" at the Bapst Library (Boston College) open to the public
Oct 5-7, 2007
New Romania Cinema at Harvard Film Archive (Carpenter Center): public reception 5- 6 pm on Oct 5th at Carpenter Center, Quincy Street, Camb. CALENDAR
Oct 15, 2007
Reception for Dragos Lumpan photo show "The Monastic Life" at the Dickey Center for Int'l Understanding (Dartmouth College) - 6:00 - 7:30 pm)
November 25, 2007
EU Parliament and Uninominal ELECTIONS (Site #1269) at MIT Student center 8am-9pm

DECEMBER 1, 2007
National Day - Info

Dec 8
, 2007
Ethnographic & Folklore Institute (Bucharest) meeting with research team
Dec 21
, 2007
Biotech Council of Massachusetts (Cambridge) meeting to discuss trade mission to Romania-Bulgaria

EU Entry celebration in Romania on Dec. 31 - Jan 1
Photo © Cotidianul
Lft: ICube Winners reception Feb 18
Tp: Presentation by A. Mocian to investors - click on photos to enlarge
Students from Lawrence Academy (Groton, MA) at Mihai Viteazul High School (Bucharest) during Winterim program in Romania - click on photo to enlarge
Special Achievement Award 2007 presented to Dr. Sorin Iliesiu by D. Dimancescu- click on photos to enlarge
Bttm: Iliesiu at Harvard (left) and MIT showing of "Universitatii" film (rt)
Model United Nations - Organizers at Bucharest Univ Law School; Lft to Rt Mr. Dimancescu, Alexandra Carlsson (Chair UNESCO), Alina Floroiu (Rapporteur UNESCO), Adriana Iordache (Chair Security Council), Catalina Mesesan (Chair-Commission on the Reform of United Nations), Mrs. Motoc representing Romania's UN Ambassador Mr. Mihnea Motoc / click on photo to enlarge
Copyright © D. Dimancescu, Cambridge, MA.
Bulgaria-EU Event - Lft to Rt: Frank Bailey, Hnry Consul of Bulgaria, Amb to US Elena Poptodorova, US Amb to Bulgaria John Beyrle, Dan Dimancescu, Hnry Consul of Romania
Dinner at Cosmos Club (Wash DC: Mr. Bogdan Neagu, Consular Service, Mrs. Katherine Dimancescu, Mrs. Daniela Gitman, Charge d'Affaires - RoEmb, Dragos Lumpan, photographer visiting from Bucharest, Nicholas Dimancescu
Dinner meeting of ICube Advisors in Bucharest. Left to Right: Anton Teodorescu (IBM) and his son Peter, Florin Vrejoiu (Pr. ARIES), Adrian Amariei (Axonite), and Dan Dimancescu
Lft: Guests at The Cyrene Declaration, Libya, click on photos to enlarge
Below: Opening reception for INTBAU Conference in Sibiu
Stavropoleos Choir (top) at St. Parascheva Church and (bttm) at reception by Honorary Consul with "The Monastic Life" photos by Dragos Lumpan sponsored by the Institute for Romania Culture
Election Nov 25 - Members of the Boston election commission at MIT voting room
Research team from Ethnographic and Folklore Institute (Bucharest) click to enlarge