The Cyrene Declaration on Sustainable Development signed by Saif Quaddafi (Libya - September 10, 2007)
[Note: The Declaration is a potential 'model' for regions within Romania]For selected
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Guests at the event held in the expansive Greek and Roman ruins included left to right: n.a, Mr. Jay Snyder (US Adv. Commission on Public Diplomacy), Mr. and Mrs H. Tatanaki (Libya), n.a, Mrs. Elizabeth Nobrega de Araujo Tsakiroglou (UK), Mrs. Katherine Dimancescu (USA), Mr. G. Tatanaki (Libya), Dan Dimancescu (Hnry Cnsl of Romania in Boston), Col. Michael R. Carrington (UK), Mr. Robert Adam (INTBAU - UK), Mrs. and Mrs. Loay Jassim Al-Kharafi (Kuwait)