Ion Irimescu (1903-2005)

Irimescu is considered one of the great innovators in modern sculpture. He lived lifelong in the northern Moldavian small town of Falticeni, which despite its small size, was home to numerous intellectuals during pre-Communist decades. He died at age 102.

A museum dedicated to him in Falticeni in 1975 contains several hundred of his sculptures and 1500 or more graphics pieces. With EU funding, the Old Town Hall building was restored and opened in 2011 solely as a Museum of Irimescu's works. For details see

The artist and Dr. Eliot Sorel (Washington, D.C.)
in Falticeni, summer 2005. Dr. Sorel helped
spearhead the creation of the Museum.
Photo © Alina-Georgiana Focsineanu (Falticeni)

Map showing location of Falticeni