Inocenti / Romanian Childrens Relief
March 2010 / Bucharest, Romania
Valentina Maghirescu, Director of Development
Students from Nobel & Greenough in Dedham, Mass., on a one week intern visit and program staff during daily interactions with babies

Experiences of Molly Valle '05 a student volunteer from Noble and Greenough School
Left: Nobel & Greenough's Bob Moore (staff) and interns and program staff with older children
Top: Dan Dimancescu with Adriana Urena, Lauren Burgeron, V. Maghirescu, and Sandra McQuinn (rt) N&B Coordinator,
Rusescu Hospital - Child Life Program

RCR's first program was started in 1990 in Rusescu Spital, a pediatric hospital in sector 2 of Bucharest. Today RCR/FI supports 6 staff people and 12 volunteers working with 100+ children throughout the hospital. Special programs include: Daily Preschool, Infant and Older Children programs; Bedside activities for children unable to come to the play room; Early Literacy training; and Nutrition Training for parents.

Abandoned children are also brought to outpatient clinics for PT and Speech as needed, with ongoing exercises overseen by RCR/FI staff. Occasionally, our staff will accompany an abandoned child in need of life-saving surgery in other hospitals throughout the country.

Photos © Dan Dimancescu - by authorization from Inocenti staff / not for reproduction without permission

Statue outside Rusescu Hospital

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