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This is the site of the Honorary Consulate of Romania in Boston (mission). The Honorary Consul is responsible for the content which is not intended to reflect or represent any official views of the Government of Romania.

Dan Dimancescu, Honorary Consul General - c.v.


Klaus Iohannis, Elected President 2014

Lazar Comanescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs as of Nov. 2015 - bio

George Maior, Ambassador as of Sept. 2015 - bio

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The Stain of Plagiarism (read)
by Dan Dimancescu (October 2015)

About Romania - Interview w. Dan Dimancescu Sept '14 (read)
- Architecture: A Bold New Design ? Dorin Stefan's Church (see)
Balkan State ? Is Romania Balkan - by Dr. N. Iorga in 1930 (read)
Bessarabia/Molodova: Historical Context (see)
- Billion $ Deals: Has Romania Turned a Corner? (read)
- "Camargo" Yacht: Romania Visit - 1930s (see)
Brancusi: Speculating on What Inspired Him
Characteristics of Romanian People (read)
- Communist Criminality Condemned / A "First" Worldwide: Dec.18, 2006 (read)
Communism to Capitalism - Associated Press (read)
- Corruption Being Tamed by the DNA - 2014? read
- Cradle of Civilization: Four Compelling Books (read)
December 1989: Fall of Communism in Photos (see)
- Embassy Building: Origins of in Washington DC (read)
- European Union: Romania Becomes a Member (read)
Foreign Film Production in Romania (read)
- First World War: Romania Enters in 1916 (
- History: Origin of the Name Romania? (read)
History: Settling the Western Frontiers - 1946 (read)
Impressions of Romania: Prof. E. Latham Interview see
- Infrastructure Building Blocs: 'A Step Change' (read)
- Innovation Olympiads?“ A Romanian Opportunity? (read)
- League of Nations: by N. Titulescu (1923) (read)
Oil Empires: Romania at the Crossroads (read)
- Orphan in Romania's: "Handheld" Documentary (read)
- Post-Communist Europe: Gorbachev-Miterrand see
Revolution or Coup: Enigma Without Solution by Catalin Bogdan (read)
- Romania (overview) by Dr. George Friedman see
- Romanian Battlefront in WW-I
by Glenn Torrey see
- Romania Explained: Video Interviews with Ernest Latham (see)
- Romanian Identity: Where East Meets West: Decoding (read)
- Romanian Psychology of People: Dr. D. David (Sinteza) (read)
- Romania 20-yrs After by Michael Totten (read)
- Sibiu 2007 - Romania's Visitor Capital?
ania 20-yrs After by Michael Totten (read)
- Sibiu Restoration Over 15 years
- Tourism, Branding and Dracula ... see
- Tourism Challenge: An Update (read)
- Transylvania, Wallachia, Moldavia Unite: Dec. 1, 1918 (read)
Urban Development: A Visual Commentary from 1968
Where's Romania on the Bookshelves? (read)
- Witness to Protests: Bucharest December 2013 (read)
- World Politics: Ties that Bind? (read)
- Yalta: What happened ? - recalled by Sir Winston Churchill - read

Note: Honorary Consul title was approved by the US Department of State in May 2005; Honorary Consul General designation approved February 2015.

Honorary consuls serve pro bono and have no official authority nor do they directly represent the government of Romania. For questions about visas, passports, laws, official news releases, and other formalities please contact the Embassy in Washington, D.C., or the Consular office in New York City [Tel: Tel: 212 682-9120 or 9121 or 9123]. Click on the Government button for further contact details.

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MADE in ROMANIA See featured page of branded products 'Made in Romania'

TOP 50 U.S. Companies in Romania - Cumulative turnover is $12.4 billion and 54,000 employees. See details
NEW - Azerbaijan Gaz Deal for Romania see
Airbus Heli215 Assembly in Brasov
Vector Watch Product Launch see
Microsoft to Expand Hiring in Romania see
US IT companies attend ICEEFEST in Romania see
National Instruments (US) Opens Research Lab in Cluj
Carlyle Group Buys Sterling’s Romania Black Sea Oil Drilling Licenses read
Honeywell Glocal Competition: RO Students 1st read
Siemens Expand R&D Center in Cluj see
Top 50 Performing Companies - 2014 see
Black Sea Drilling Started Exxon/Mobil-OMV Oct
Oracle President Safra Catz (Romanian origin) (read)
"Tech Start-Ups in Romania" / Forbes Magazine (read) and Start-Ups database
US Company Moves from China to Romania see
Dacia Euro 6 Engine Production see
Ultra-Powerful Laser Eur 350 facility Million in Romania see
Oracle Expands with $100 Million Investment
Intel: Open Source Lab Opened at Bucharest Polytech - read
Ford Motor to Start Ecoboost Engine Production - read
Romania Nanosatellite Launched - read
IBM New Test Lab in Romania - read
Seven Leading Romanian Software Exporters - read
BitDefender (Romania) Counts 400 Million Users - site
Expat CEOs of 100 Largest Companies in Romania - read
Harvard Univ Largest Private Forest Owner in Romania - See

NGO initiative supporting the Romanian and
American alliance
/ See

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Sept 2015 - Indictment of Prime Minister Ponta on corruption charges. NYT
Sept 2015 - Sorin Oprescu, Mayor of Bucharest, arrested
Feb 2015 - Arrest of Elena Udrea ex-minister and presidential candidate
Mar 2015 - Arrest of Dan Diaconescu media owner and politician
Mar 2015 - Victor Vanghele Bucharest District Mayor arrested
Lft to rt:
Apr 2015 - Arrest of Darius Valcov ex-Minister of Finance
Apr 2015 - Ion Niculae "richest" Romanian arrested for illegal political donations
Apr 2015 - Arrest of Radu Mazare for multi-year corruption as Mayor of Constanta
May 2015 - Arrest of Gheorghe Nichita, Mayor of Iasi
May 2015 - Arrest of Cristian Poteras (see with Ms. Udrea), Bucharest District Mayor, and 8yrs of jail
Rule of Law Vs Debt in European Countries Source: Bloomberg Businessweek (Click here to enlarge)
More than 1,000 Arrests: Is Corruption Being Tamed by the DNA? Read
Massive Illegal Logging
The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA/Washington, D.C.) Documents Illegal Logging in Romania by Austrian Schweighofer Co.
Dec 2015 - Dan Sova, Senator in Parliament
Vacaresti Nature Park officially declared a "protected" nature park on May 10, 2016. The 180 hectare site is unique as exceptional urban wetlands.
NEW - Dr. Augustin Lazar appointed new prodecutor General of Romania
May 5, 2016
in Bucharest
Video clip (4 mn)
Dimitri D. Dimancescu Memoirs (300 pg) - diplomat & father of Honorary Consul Dan D.

Order Here
Prime Minister Ciolos Helps Pick-Up Trash at Vacaresti Nature Park
June 30, 2016.
NEW - IBM To Set-Up Cognitive Technologies Research CenterThe project will be called European and National Romanian Innovation Cognitive Hub (ENRICH). Article
NEW - Post-Brexit & Transylvania - See
NEW - The 'Royal Crown' has been officially restored to the Romanian Coat of Arms. The change to be completed by December 1, 2018.

Coat of Arms - click on image top left for explanation and history

NEW - Márta Károlyi team coordinator 2016 US Women’s Olympic Team gold medalists;
Dr. Razvan Geica Deputy Coach first place US team in 2016 International Math Olympiads / Photos